Aerial photo Methuen rotary before and after construction

What's Being Done?

MassDOT is reconstructing the I-93 Exit 46 interchange at Routes 110 and 113 in Methuen, replacing the existing rotary with a partial cloverleaf interchange. The project will alleviate traffic congestion and improve safety. Key elements of the project include:

  • building new I-93 southbound on-ramp and off-ramp to a realigned Route 110/113;
  • realigning two existing off-ramps;
  • constructing new signalized intersections east and west of the interchange;
  • constructing two noise barriers; and
  • adding bicycle lanes and sidewalks for improved access.


Notice of night work - Sunday night may 6th through Friday morning may 11th

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation announces that nighttime roadway construction operations will be ongoing from Sunday night May 6th through Friday morning May 11th. Nighttime operations include installation of pavement markings. Temporary lane closures on I-93 northbound and southbound will be required.

Lane closures on I-93 northbound and southbound each night are as follows:

  • Single Lane Closures on I-93 Southbound and I-93 Northbound from 8:00pm-5:00am
  • Double Lane Closures on I-93 Southbound and I-93 Northbound from 10:00pm-5:00am

The pavement marking operation will require separate, temporary short – term closures of the I-93 Southbound ramps and the I-93 Northbound ramps. Variable message signs will be positioned to provide advance notice of a closed ramp, and temporary detour signs will be placed along the detour route. Detours for each ramp closing will be as shown on the attached sketches.

The schedule for this work is weather dependent, subject to change without notice.

Upcoming Work - 2018

Interchange reconstruction project "substantially complete." Only minor springtime activities remain.

What was the project all about?

The purpose of the project was to address congestion, safety and conflicting traffic movements on Route 110 and Route 113 at I-93. The Rotary was designed in the 1960s for significantly lower traffic volumes than it processed over the last 25 years. Heavy east-west traffic in the Rotary caused delays on Route 110 and 113 and caused traffic exiting I-93 to regularly back up on the off-ramps and onto the I-93 mainline. The project addressed these issues and improved conditions for pedestrians, cyclists and residents disturbed by excessive highway noise. The project:

  • Eliminated the Rotary with crash rate 7 times the area average;
  • Added two new I-93 ramps as part of new partial cloverleaf interchange;
  • Built new bridge over the realigned Rte. 110/113, demolished the two bridges over the Rotary and widened the bridge over Riverside Drive;
  • Alleviates study-area congestion that created gridlock;
  • Removed a dilapidated nursery on Lowell Boulevard for wetland mitigation;
  • Installed CCTV camera, part of MassDOT's network of roadway surveillance cameras, on new Rte. 110/113;
  • Built over 3,000 feet of noise barriers;
  • Improved multimodal elements with 7,000 feet of new & improved sidewalks and 1 mile of bike lanes;
  • Installed new and upgraded traffic signals at 6 locations;
  • Re-paved local roads and I-93;
  • Upgraded utilities, drainage and lighting. and
  • Planted trees, shrubs, groundcover extensively throughout project area.

Spring 2018 Short-term Construction Activities

As soon as warmer weather returns, the contractor will return to finish installing signs, install permanent pavement markings, take care of the remaining plantings and conduct the final inspection.

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Construction Facts

Start Date: July 2014
End Date: January 2018
Cost: $66.4 million
Contractor: E.T. & L. Corp.


Rte. 110/113 at new bridge under I-93

I-93 Exit 46, November 2017