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Project Archive

This page includes links to documents from previous project phases and Environmental Assessment/Draft Environmental Impact Report (EA/DEIR) chapters and appendices.

Project Plans - Please read this first to help with navigating the documents in this section.

Overall - Map Narrative
Route 110/113 - Map Narrative
I-93 - Map Narrative

Environmental Assessment/Draft Environmental Report

Complete report with figures (32 MB large file, loads slowly)

Complete report without figures (1.71 MB)

Here you can download and view individual chapters.

Public Information Reference

Update on Draft EIR/EA Public Review Activities 

Common Transportation Acronyms 

Wetlands and the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act 

Working List of Local, State, and Federal Permits for the Methuen Rotary Project 

What is Covered in a Draft EA/EIR? 

Noise Barriers

August 2 and 4 Noise Barrier Meeting Summaries

Noise Barriers Visual Appearance - August 2011

Smith Avenue/Cherry Hill Circle
Noyes Street/Lincoln Street

Proposed Noise Barriers - May 2011

Estimated Noise Reduction Benefits, Cherry Hill Circle & Smith Avenue
Smith Avenue/Cherry Hill Circle Presentation
Estimated Noise Reduction Benefits, Noyes & Lincoln Streets
Noyes Street/Lincoln Street Presentation

Noise Barrier Locations Proposed

NE Quadrant Smith & Cherry Homes Protected by C1_25
NE Quadrant Smith & Cherry Homes Protected by C2_25
SE Quadrant Noyes & Lincoln Option Homes Protected by D1_24
SE Quadrant Noyes Option Homes Protected by D2_24

NEPA (Federal Environmental) Documents

          Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)
          FHWA Environmental Assessment Concurrence 

MEPA (State Environmental) Documents

Certificate of the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs on the FEIR 
Certificate of the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs on the DEIR 
Certificate of the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs on the Notice of Project Change 
Notice of Project Change (Phase I Waiver Request for short-term improvements)
MHD Class of Action Request   
Certificate of the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs on the Environmental Notification Form  
Environmental Notification Form: "Methuen--I-93 at the Route 110/113 Rotary, Interchange Reconfiguration and Reconstruction

EA/DEIR (November 2009)

Cover Letter, Table of Contents, ENF and NPC Certificates and Draft Record of Decision (2.12 MB)
Chapters 1 - 3  (Summary, Purpose and Need, Alternatives) (6.88 MB)
Chapter 4  (Affected Environment/Existing Conditions) (4.61 MB)
Chapter 5 Sections 5.1 - 5.3  (Land Use, Zoning, Visual Resources; Utilities & Storm Water  Mgmt; Traffic & Safety) (6.92 MB)
Chapter 5 Sections 5.4 - 5.19 (Relocations, Air Quality, Noise, Water Quality, Surficial Geology & Soils, Fisheries, Wildlife, Jurisdictional Wetland, Floodplain, Historic & Archeological, Oil & Hazardous Materials, Economic, Social, Environmental Justice, Construction, Comparison of Build Alternatives) (7.78 MB)
Chapters 6 - 10  (Mitigation; Compliance/Consistency with Environmental Laws, Regulations and Programs; Comments and Coordination; List of Preparers; Distribution List) (6.07 MB)

Appendix A - ENF NPC (8.48 MB)
Appendix B - Traffic (1.45 MB)
Appendix C - Air (3.81 MB)
Appendix D - Noise ( .5 MB)
Appendix E - Wetlands (2.73 MB)
Appendix F - Boring Logs (3.35 MB)
Appendix G - Plans 
       Alternative 2B (2.21 MB)
       Alternative 3A (2.12MB )


Rotary aerial looking southeast  Rotary aerial looking east  Rotary aerial looking northeast  Rotary aerial looking west  Rotary aerial looking south  Rotary aerial looking east

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Feasibility Study (Completed 2008)
Final Report (April 2008):
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
[Appendix 7]: Alternatives studied 1
[Appendix 7]: Alternatives studied 2
[Appendix 7]: Alternatives studied 3
[Appendix 7]: Alternatives studied 4
[Appendix 7]: Alternatives studied 5
[Appendix 7]: Alternatives studied 6
[Appendix 7]: Alternatives studied 7
[Appendix 11:] Advisory Committee members

Study Public Information Meetings

November 8, 2007 Presentation and Summary
November 9, 2006 Presentation and Summary

Study Advisory Committee Meetings

December 11, 2007 Meeting Summary
September 25, 2007 Meeting Summary
July 26, 2007 Meeting Summary
February 6, 2007 Meeting Summary
October 24, 2006 Meeting Summary
March 29, 2006 Meeting Summary
April 8, 2004 Meeting Summary 
News and Media Releases: